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The Challenge of Multiculturalism : Frontier for Composers and Choreographers. Art Summit Indonesia 1995 International Seminar on Contemporary Music and Dance

Author(s) : Edi Sedyawati - Sal Murgiyanto - Sri Hastanto -
Collection Location : Perpustakaan Terpadu Ditjen Kebudayaan

Joget mBagong di Sebalik Tarian bagong Kussudiardja

Author(s) : Admadipurwa, Purwadmadi -
Collection Location : Perpustakaan BPNB Yogyakarta

Dari Pusat Latihan Tari Hingga Padepokan Seni bagong Kussudiardjo

Author(s) : Dari Pusat latihan ... -
Collection Location : Perpustakaan BPNB Yogyakarta